Thursday, October 05, 2006

Video projects to talk about other then YouTube

Not a big fan of the current broadcast model/DVR model. I like shows when I want them without fiddling through commercials (don’t mind if the commercials book-end the show). At the moment I'm relying heavily on Netflix and stuff on YouTube for my TV fixes, as I’ve discussed elsewhere.

With that in mind I read with great interest Om’s GigaOM »interview with Janus Friis, of Kazaa, Skype and now the mysterious Venice Project fame. P2P TV… sounds a little like YouTube without all the huge bandwidth issues we always hear they have.

Also, this project is trying to go legit so hopefully there will not be another endless series of repetitive articles wondering aloud over and over again how on Earth will YouTube ever make money, who is going to buy it, for how much, and will the studios pull a Napster on them.

In case you’re about to read one such article I’ll save you the trouble… no one has a clue what is the answer to any of these issues.

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