Monday, October 02, 2006

Two reads on Yahoo: BusinessWeek and Economist

As the eldest among my siblings, I used to get caught in-between my parents when they used to argue. I come from pretty hysterical, melodramatic Mediterranean stock, so you tell me how comfortable that position used to be.

I just got that feeling all over as I read about Yahoo’s acquisition strategy. Yahoo is too bureaucratic says the Economist, but BusinessWeek says that Yahoo’s acquisition strategy is the path to growth paved with gold.

Waahaaaa….. Mom and Dad… can’t you just agree???? Bwahhhhh!!!!!

So what am I to make of this? This disagreement by the two critical and highly analytical publications of BusinessWeek and the Economist.

Maybe one of these stories were filed in a parallel universe where Yahoo is really a great acquirer of companies…or a crummy one depending on which universe you happen to be as you read this.

Or even better, maybe this proves that there really is no such thing as pack journalism and that reporters are careful, thoughtful people who diligently research stories and in doing so may actually come to different, but well argued positions.

Um… yeah… I’m going with the parallel realities explanation too.

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