Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Real exchange in the virtual world

So instead of working or doing school work, I’ve been looking at virtual exchange rates this morning. Yes…my time put to good use. Last class we had a look at exchange rates and I’ve been taking a quick look at Second Life “Linden Dollars” and seeing their rates of exchange for real USD on eBay.

What’s amazing is how consistent LDs go for in USD. The going rate seems to be about 223LD/USD with very little variation between LD lots of similar sizes—lots of thousands and tens-of-thousand LDs go for about the same price per LD. Where there does seem to be a price change is when you are looking at lots of 100 thousand LDs or higher. Here you see prices of LDs drop to about 238LD/USD to 243LD/USD.

This presents an arbitrage opportunity I think to buy up large lots, divide them up, and then sell them off.

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