Thursday, November 24, 2005

Wired 13.12: Why Gas Is Good for America

$5 gas??? Are you crazy??? That's it??? I'd love to see it higher!!! C'mon people, let's get some $10 gas going and really see some cool stuff get invented.

OK, DRM is moribund technology and Sony's proved it, but let's get some Silicon Valley innovation happening in terms of overall energy use. I just don't mean in cars (although the winners and losers there are pretty clear.... GM anyone?)

But IT should step up to. Love to see PC and PDAs that run on a fraction of the energy they use now. Same for routers and network gear. May seem like small potatoes compared to what cars and factories burn.... but remember, a watt saved is a watt earned.

Wired 13.12: Why Gas Is Good for America

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