Saturday, November 26, 2005

Cell Phones For The People

Yes, China and India are huge markets, but there are many other markets around the world with a huge potential upside for the IT industry, the trick is knowing how to benefit from these markets.

As best as I can tell, handset makers like Nokia and Motorola have done very well by not shying from highly price-sensitive markets and tailoring products for them.

It’s a gutsy move that can only bring good things. It puts powerful tools of modern technology into the hands of the people who most need them. If you poke around, you can find dozens of stories of people in very poor parts of the world using a cell phone to make their lives better. It isn't just hype, it is the promise of a better world through IT becoming a reality.

Nokia and Motorola have proven that with a little imagination, doing good and doing good business are possible in very early-stage emerging markets (I would call China and India late-stage emerging markets.)

I think there are companies who are hesitant to develop special products for early-stage emerging markets. I hope they follow the example of Nokia and Motorola.

Cell Phones For The People

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