Monday, November 21, 2005

Green IT

I saw an ad for Ford the other day and they were talking about how innovative they will become and how fuel efficient they will make their cars. Well, innovation and fuel efficiency comes to Ford... Better late than never.

So for one reason or another, being green or talking green is starting to make good business sense. How long will this last? Probably not much longer than a couple of icebergs in a rapidly warming ocean, but let's enjoy the green-talk while it lasts.

My question here is that, it seems to me that the IT industry has generally been pretty good about being green. Sure, a lot a hazardous chemicals are used in the development of products, but there seems a concerted effort on the part of the industry as a whole to use and dispose of these chemicals responsibly.

I've heard rumors of motherboards being broken down under hazardous conditions in Africa, but haven't found a lot to back that up.

Green... Another example of IT industry being a head of the curve?

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