Wednesday, March 02, 2005

National PR

You know who needs more PR in the US? Canada. If they don't want to join the missile defense initiative, that's great... It is their decision. But they need to better communicate that here in the US. In fact, they need to go on a charm offensive to show to the US why they still matter.

And don't get me wrong, I think Canada does matter.

If you have millions upon millions of dollars of trade crossing your border EVERY DAY, then something must be going well.

The problem is that most Americans don't see it. Trade with the Canada is part of the scenery and is barely noticeable... Unlike trade with China, for example.

Also, the power center in the US is moving from the northeast (who know Canada... least shares similar weather) to the southwest, where the influence of Mexico and Asia is far more noticeable than anything from Canada.

It is in the southwest (as well as Washington DC, of course) where Canada has to focus its charm offensive. I don't know what sort of common ground you can find between Canada and, say, Texas, but you gotta find some in order to stay even remotely popular here.

Canada is a major foreign contributor to both Hollywood and Silicon Valley, yet those contributions go largely unnoticed in Sacramento.

Mexico, India, Israel and China are the countries off the top of my head that do a good job furthering elements of thier national interest here. Japan is being very agressive is promoting itself as well through its JETRO initiative, as are European countries like UK and France through their own initiatives.

Canada... never hear from them.

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