Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Ad firm charged Ottawa $150 per hour to watch concert

OK, I admit... I have suggested that countries such as Canada do more to increase their profile. The story here highlights exactly how NOT to do it. I understand the poutine hit the fan a while back in Canada over this, and rightly so.

1) I don't think it is important for governments to increase their visibility at LOCAL events. Everyone in Canada is (or should be) aware of Canada and the Canadian government. What governments such as the one in Canada should do is increase their profile internationally.

And no, this does not mean sending people to attend a Neil Diamond concert in the US

2) Please ensure that when you do something to increase the visibility of Canada, make sure you have metrics so you can measure RESULTS.

I am so sick of people using PR as an excuse to have a party. It makes the rest of us look immature (bad enough I sign my name as "Penguin").

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