Monday, March 21, 2005

Berry, Gellar Nix William Morris

Ouch! Always remember, the goal of PR is to get coverage, which means people may actually read what you say and react accordingly.

This is yet another reason why people will hesitate to be candid with the media and have all of their messages thoroughly bathed by PR... which is unfortunate. We're losing spontaneity in the media... perhaps another reason as to the popularity of blogs? At last a place for candid off-the-cuff talk?

It is a shame because New Yorker Tad Friend was more than fair to his subject IMHO (was he a tad friendly? Sorry!) and it is a great story.

Is the good PR for William Morris worth the loss of two prized clients (well, one prized client and Sarah Michelle Geller)? Maybe.

I will NEVER get into showbiz PR!

Yahoo! News - Berry, Gellar Nix William Morris

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