Monday, April 06, 2009

Investment in addition to aid

I’m not sure I agree with much of this WSJ article, but hidden within this anti-IDB opinion is I think a valuable point, that creating an environment to attract investment, not just aid, is key for a country’s development.

Those developing countries that are the most attractive for investment are those with a stable local market, an educated population, and those that facilitate a way to both protect and safely deploy capital.

Developing countries (especially those that don’t happen to be China or India) need to demonstrate to international investors that the government is on their side when it comes to protecting capital.

People and institutions that put money in emerging markets are not risk-takers, they are in fact very risk-averse (or at least, the smart ones are.) So if these risk-averse investors find a developing country where they see a reasonably safe way to deploy and grow their capital---allowing them to put money in and take it out, to find and invest in promising enterprises, to work with trustworthy local partners—then the country will not only benefit from the money that comes in, but also from the talent and know-how that often accompanies these types of investment.

Latin America Needs Economic Liberalization and Property Rights, Not Foreign Aid -

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