Thursday, April 16, 2009

Canada slipping in innovation

I’ve decried the lack of innovation in Canada before and while I (admittedly) don’t know the details of this announcement, it sends the wrong signal to the world. While most other countries are looking for ways to increase their national R&D capabilities, Canada should not be cutting its own. Not now, not in a crisis where, on the other side, innovation will be a premium.

For too long we’ve lived beyond our means financially and environmentally. If this economic crisis results in some sort (however small) of realignment of our priorities and our expenditures, we will need innovative thinking to help shape the new order.

I’ve seen Canada slip over the past few years in almost every global index of innovation. As someone who spends a great deal of time thinking about how to invest corporate funds in different countries, I can honestly say that a country’s capacity to do research and innovation is a huge criteria that impacts a decision.

For too long, it seems that Canada doesn’t really care about innovation. Now it seems that it cares even less.

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Canada Realtor said...

It's sad to see Mr. Harper's decision to cut the fundings of researches and projects. It saddens me to think that all those scientific master minds will probably move to another country where their research and work is properly funded and well respected. Science and Innovation is something every country needs to be proud of, but we won't be soon enough if someone doesn't change their mind.

Take care, Elli