Friday, February 03, 2006

Doing Business ahead of the curve

Nice quick take on "American parochialism in Forbes. It isn't anything you haven't heard before, but it is good refresher. (I know what Tintin, but I've never been a big the link to see what I mean.)

Anyway, I point this article out not in a smug way, but to highlight that actually American business is very globally-savvy I think. US companies know that some of their toughest competitors, and some of their most talent employees, will come from places outside of the US (or even Europe.)

Business is very much ahead of the curve in terms of globalization, so it is curious that other elements of society are not (as pointed out in the article).

This may be a strange parallel, but even in terms of environmental reforms, some US businesses are way ahead of the curve. True, many of these are in Silicon Valley which traditionally has had a certain granola crunchiness about it, but these companies rubbish the imagines tension between economic success and environmental stewardship.

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