Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Board of Advisers for Your Life - Shifting Careers - Small Business - New York Times Blog

interestint thought


Warren said...

Interesting indeed. Of course, the prerequisite for having an effective personal career advisory board is that the advisee actually has to be open and humble enough to share very personal thoughts (aren't most career matters "personal" in this culture? We never ask our colleagues their salaries, for example) and value the opinions of the advisors.

I feel that in this culture we tend to shun the "vulnerable" moments of sharing deeply personal thoughts and admitting that we actually need advice. After all, our elected president is the best personification of the "I know it best" attitude.

And for the truly humble, they're probably already practicing, at least informally, this idea already.

So what's my best bet to get out of my burger-flipping job, Ron? :)

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